I am sorry Awesome Con DC.


This weekend I vended at Awesome Con in Washington DC. This show for me was an absolute roller coaster. The show was fantastic, the people were nice and though it wasn’t the best show profit wise it was still a great time until Sunday.

About 3 pm on Sunday I was in my booth and had a pretty profitable show! I sold an original (yay!), had a huge crowd of people and was making sales left and right.1908141_10153429163696834_3591958398015666747_n

During a sale I went to make change and I turned around to noticed my cash box was stolen. I did my numbers (That goodness for my inventory book!) the jerks got away with around $1800.  My guess it was a team of people targeting vendors all weekend and making their rounds to distract and collect late Sunday. The detective said I was not the only one who had their profits stolen. Since I was in my booth the whole time I am still shock this happened right in front of me. I am mad I didn’t watch more carefully. However doing shows for over 4 years I have never had an issue like this. The con community is usually very trust worthy and honest.

I apologize to my fans, followers and the new faces I met for having a break down at Awesome con when it happened. You guys came to have a great time and shouldn’t have  had to see that. It was a moment of shock for me and unfortunately tears were the only way I could properly express my emotions. I did not mean to dampen your time if I did.  And also THANK YOU to the amazing friends and help I had after the incident. Security didn’t do much but my fellow vendors and new friends made me feel so much better with hugs and support.

In my opinion it takes a sad person to steal from interdependent artists. For me this cash isn’t play money. It is my salary. A salary that I built up with my own hands and a salary I use to pay my bills and to keep my business running. Having that just taken away because of some selfish act it just upsetting. On one side of my brain I am thinking, well maybe they needed it more? But more then likely it was just some jerk making a quick buck disregarding the issues he will cause to the other person.

SO on that note I AM HAVING A SALE!

From now until the 7th I am having a BOGO sale on prints to help rebuild. Durring check out simply send me a message with your free print of choice. If you don’t want any prints but want to help you can spread the love by Sharing my page, donating a snippet, or by giving me a hug at the next show I am at.

Again, I am sorry and I thank you!
Have a great day all.