Holly and hotdogs! 2 days left

WE DID IT!!!!!
I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to each and every one of you!

But it is not over yet! You can now select other rewards!
If we hit $17,000 but closing time each of you who donated $10+ will receive a hand embellished 8X12″ print of “Holly”. This is the only time you will be able to grab this meaningful print for only $10 with no shipping cost!  They will be signed dated and hand embellished with a little drawing to make this reward truly unique and special.
If you have already pledged for the exclusive Kickstarter large print of “Holly” or the Grab Bag with this print you are more then welcome to choose another of my illustrations or you can just share with a friend! Like most of the rewards ,they will be shipped by the winter holidays this year!

If we hit a goal of $50,000 I will do an artistic video of me in the nude painting a hotdog.
The largest donation gets the painting.


I am kidding! … Or am I ? Probably not.

Have a fantastic day everyone! You truly the best!


Water Orchids

wm2fish 017bnw


Finally finished this piece! I decided to name her “Water Orchids”.

I created her on a piece of 14 X 17″ Canson recycled bristol.
Tools were a .5 mechanical pencil, a .3 mechanical pencil, a .7 mechanical pencil, tortillian stump and an eraser stick.

First came the face that I stumbled upon online.
Then I adopted 2 Black Moore goldfish named Sperg and Merbles who make their appearance.
The ice I saw in when driving into Philly. It was caked up and building on the walls on the side of the mountains. It was beautiful.
The Orchids are what ties this piece together. In the language of flowers the orchids symbolize a delicate beauty.
I am choosing to leave all deeper thoughts of this piece to myself so I won’t taint the viewers view.

Here is a step by step of “Water Orchids” You can follow the process on my Instagram or Facebook. I also include some videos of the process as well on those sites.

Prints are available on this website and on Etsy 



Thanks for taking a look. Here is what is coming up next


Happy Easter

Easter Protraitswm

I wont make it home for the holiday this spring, so I made this for my mom. She will surly hate it. Happy Easter everyone!

Here is a treat for you.


Thanks for reading!