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Earthly tokens for the romantic, the nostalgic, the stargazer, the wild at heart.
Welcome to yūgen.
yūgen / yoo-gehn / n. : an awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep and mysterious for words.
Previously known as “jerseymaids”, yūgen was founded by Lauren Beacham in 2007, and was a creative outlet after earning her BFA in photography to bring her Polaroids and jewelry together. After 4 years of significant growth, Lauren left her job as a gallery director to run her business full time. Her wonderful studio manager Brittany Elbourn joined the team in summer 2015. They work in a small studio nestled in a tiny mountain town in northwestern Maryland. 
These incredible handmade items are availabe here online. Every purchase of yūgen will receive a free gift from me on
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Thanks so much to my PATRONS  for keeping the art alive!
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