Melancholia: An exhibition of works investigating our obsession with fear and mortality.

Melancholia was our first show, which launched in October of 2017. 


Featured Artists:

Kate Morgan (Instagram)

Steve Becker (Instagram, Website)

M. E. Tumalty (Instagram, Website)

Kari Dern (Instagram)

Jessi Hardesty (Instagram, Etsy)

Gabrielle Marin (Instagram, Patreon)

Tatiana Bonin-Giust (Instagram)

Andi Soto (Instagram, Website)

Kelsey Farris (Instagram)

Laura Horrowshow (Instagram, Etsy)

Jen Tydings (Instagram)

David Hayward (Instagram, Website)

Anthony Palumbo (Instagram)

Alchemic Earth Jewelry (Instagram, Website)

Nikol King (Instagram, Website)

Gregery Miller (Instagram, Website)

TMW Greay Art (Instagram, Website)

YĆ«gen Tribe (Instagram, Website)

Ann Margaret Morris (Instagram)